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Strategic Partnering

Due to 3 Feet From Golds ever growing network of worldwide partners we pride ourselves on being able to place the client with the most beneficial assets in order to help grow their business. We will not only leverage our current network in order to provide the most lucrative partnership for the client, 3 Feet From Gold also comes with an army of dedicated team members that will span the globe looking for the Golden connection our clients are in search of.  The partnerships include but are most certainly not limited to sales, technology pairing, funding, and influential endorsement.



 3 Feet From Gold's ability within the marketing space include everything from radio, tv, and web advertisement. Web advertisement includes but are not limited to  e-mail, and mobile device ads as well. 3 Feet From Gold has also developed the necessary network, and business strategies to properly execute an Influence Marketing Campaign.

Each 3 Feet From Gold Influencer is handpicked to drive a specific marketing campaign in order to best engage the correct audience for a client's business.  Through their social media platforms they can reach thousands of people from just one post or article.  Our campaigns are run in 30-day intervals in order to accurately track our success in delivering more interactions between client's product and their consumers.  Although we do not guarantee sales, it has been shown that there is a positive correlation between our methods and increased sales via the traffic we drive to client businesses.  In short we guarantee more eyes, which means more potential for sales. Our saying is one may never know the golden audience for their business could be just 3 feet away.


 *Marketing Campaigns  are run for 30 days, however each one is different.  To set up a consultation for your business, contact us today by phone: 856-630-8797 or email:

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